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How recovery straps work and how to use them properly By Robert B. A high quality strap without hooks attached to it is the strap you want to use for getting a vehicle unstuck. This is NOT a recovery strap: The above is called a “tow” strap. The main reason not to use this for recovery is simple. If the recovery strap or your recovery hardware breaks, it’s not safe to have a metal hook flying off at speeds in excess of mph.

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Nothing presents itself as a likely location for a tow hook. It’s hard to be sure, with the “bumper” cover in the way. I’d be nice to see pics with cover removed.

With tow hooks installed in your ride and a strap in your cargo compartment, you can easily help bring that stalled vehicle into a mechanic’s shop or in a safer place, at least. But despite its utility, not all vehicles have tow hooks as standard components.

Our tow straps are available in flat loop, reinforced, and 2 ply options. The loop sewn at each end allows the strap to be slipped easily onto a tow hook. Check Safety Working Load limit as stated on this site as well as attached label to ensure the correct number of assembly is used for a given load. Each assembly is only strong as its weakest part so proper inspection prior to use is necessary as any damages may compromise the integrity of the unit.

It is your responsibility to review the Federal D. These units are not designed to or approved for overhead lifting. Never exceed Safety Working Load. Using corner protectors is recommended to protect webbing and cargo. Do not use any webbing or bungee products that show signs of excessive wear, nicks, cuts, abrasions, worn stitching, chemical burns, holes, or hardware is defective. The maximum load a tie-down should be subject to during normal use.

The minimum load a complete assembly will withstand before failure in a laboratory setting when the product is new. Our pickup truck products are packaged in a durable plastic clamshell. Types of anchor points include:


Hooking up Your Tow Dolly to Your Truck Your Penske representative will demonstrate how to hook up the tow dolly to your truck at the time of rental. If it is necessary for you to disconnect the tow dolly to load your truck, follow the instructions below to reattach the tow dolly. The coupler-locking device must be in the full open position. Place the coupler of the tow dolly over the two-inch hitchball on your rental truck. Be sure the coupler is fully seated down over the hitchball.

Completely lock the coupler.

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Using the brakes was the wrong action. If you spend any significant amount of time in difficult terrain, you’re bound to encounter a recovery situation at some point. It could be either your vehicle or someone else’s. And a winch may be the proper tool at that time. This is a good time to review recovery techniques and rigging concepts. Keep in mind that these tips and the information provided here are not a substitute for proper training, sound judgment, and quality equipment.

Every winching operation should start with a plan in your mind as to how you’ll rig it up. Winching is a risky procedure; proceed very slowly and methodically. You’re dealing with material and parts that are subject to a tremendous amount of force.

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Luggage Strap Step 1 Pack your large rolling suitcase — or whatever piece of luggage is largest — with the majority of the weight on the bottom. This will keep your strapped-together luggage combination from becoming too top-heavy. Step 2 Stand your large rolling suitcase upright, with the handle pulled out. Step 3 Hold onto the handle of the suitcase, while at the same time lifting your second-largest piece of luggage, such as a rolling carry-on, to the top of the larger suitcase.

Everest Premium Tow Strap – 1 PK – 2 IN – 13 FT – LBS Working Load – LBS Break Strength – Snap Hook – Tow Straps Perfect for Off Road Towing and Emergency Situations AED Quick View.

More Like This Stuck! The tractor won’t go forward or backward, and you need help! Or, that stump or rock has got to be moved. What about the chain repair we made with a bolt? A lot of power will be attached to whatever towing device you choose, easily stretching it to the limit. A new, 1-inch nylon rope in excellent condition has a breaking strength of up to 25, pounds. New steel cable of 1 inch diameter in excellent condition may break at 10, pounds, and chain with links make of half-inch diameter material may break at 2, pounds.

The type and size of hook that is frequently used may break at 4, pounds.

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According to Toyota’s website, the Corolla is the best-selling model vehicle of all time. The Corolla can be towed either for short distances or long distances, providing that some essential precautions are taken. Make sure the vehicle you are towing the Corolla with can handle the load. The Toyota Corolla has a curb weight of around pounds.

The metal hooks at the each end of the straps are drop forged and heat treated solid metal, equipped with safety buckles for extra secure towing and easy hook up.

South El Monte, California, Ships to: Polyester webbing that is treated for UV, abrasion resistance and will not stretch over time. D ring is Zinc Plated for weather protection. The complete strap has a 10, lbs assembly breaking strength and rated at 3, lbs Working Load Limit. Ratchet comes with Zinc Plated for weather protection. Extra long handle is perfect for jobs where you need leverage to secure the load when you need it. Hook has a 6, breaking strength and a 2, Working Load Limit.

Never use as lifting application and Do Not exceed working load limit. We ship orders within 1 business day and transit times are typically business days.

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By Dan Armitage Frayed, faded, stained, or torn — is your winch strap ready for replacement? Frayed stitching, tears, cuts, and extreme fading are all signs that the winch strap needs to be replaced. Be it by sun, moisture, misuse, or mere age, the time will come when you need to replace your boat trailer’s winch strap. You’ll want to get it replaced before it fails just when you need it most — at the ramp.

Luckily, SECURE tow straps are much cheaper than calling a tow truck every time. The most basic consideration when buying a tow strap is the weight rating. It’s important to make sure that your tow strap is rated to work with a vehicle of your size.

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