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So for example if you pick the cm length, you’ll be banging out turns on an meter radius ski! That’s an enormous difference—so much so it’s probably pointless to try to deliver a one-size-fits-all verdict on the ski. For my X-Race experience, I tried the cm length, which corresponds to a turn radius of That’s a very short radius—shorter than I would normally pick for myself—and in fact it falls right in the range you’d expect to find on a slalom racing ski. The question, then, is who is this ski built for? Certainly there are skiers who prefer to ride slalom skis even when they’re not on a race course. There aren’t many of them, but they’re out there. Inevitably they’re former racers, slalom was probably their best event, and if you do happen to catch them on a mountain, they’re probably stitching down the groomers like a sewing machine, making two turns to your one. Problem is, skiers like that are generally right at home on actual racing skis—they can pull a WC slalom plank right off the rack and go to work. True, the X-Race ski or line borrows much of its design, construction, and technology from the race room, but to be fair these are significantly detuned from race stock, and I’m not sure that makes sense in the slalom radii.

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Cast them out, let them fall reel and let them drop as you retrieve them. KingFisher Lite Spoon in Pink works great off the Downrigger Pinks travel in schools, so when you hookup on a pink leave all the gear out and try zigzagging as your will normally encounter multiple hook ups. Prime depth on the downriggers is 20 feet down to 60 feet, but as the sun gets bright, try dropping down feet or more. Top Trolling Setup is White 8 inch flasher and a Pink Mini Squid The top trolling setup is a white 8-inch flasher, 16 inches of leader and a hot-pink Gold Star hoochie.

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Feb 14,  · Hey, found a cool site out of Whistler. They still have the Salomon Gun Labs and Head Mojo Iknow people have been looking for these. Hope this helps some.

Ready for the soft stuff, this lightweight model is fun without charging hard. Analysis and Test Results If the one-ski quiver is the lofty ideal, then the top rated products in our review are capable of handling a wide variety of conditions and stand out as a solid performer all around. If you sum up all of our evaluation criteria, you can get an idea of which are the most versatile. This represents the most important characteristic of a true all-mountain ski.

The single product quiver may be a bit of a cliche, but we think it is apt. There are options out there that are capable of being used in all conditions, performing well no matter what kind of snow or terrain you find yourself in. Ultimately, some of the models in our test fell into sub-genres that are less versatile and have leanings towards specific terrain or conditions.

There are several that are stiffer, quick edge-to-edge, carving powerhouses, like the Armada Invictus 99 ti , Atomic Vantage cti , and the K2 iKonic 84 ti. Then there was the surfy soft-snow specialists, the Salomon QST The models that we feel are the most versatile for a broad range of terrain and conditions are consequently our two highest scorers:

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It borrows much of its freestyle flavor and fun-riding sensibilities from the full-fledged Gypsy ridden by Salomon pro Desiree Melancon. It’s a twin-shaped board that lends balance to younger riders learning to link turns on their first outing, only to rapidly progress to throwing backside fives and front boards in the park after a couple of seasons.

It’s built off Salomon’s Rock Out Camber, which is flat between the bindings for a highly predictable, stable feel when they’re flat-basing off jumps and stomping landings. Cambered zones underneath the bindings lock into turns responsively and snap energetically off the lip of jumps. After the binding zones, the board transitions to rocker at the tip and tail for a bit more playfulness in the park, as well as greater float on those deep powder days.

The Gypsy Grom packs much of its technology from boards ridden by adults, including a full aspen core for a smooth, consistent flex with high levels of durability. Biax fiberglass keeps it torsionally soft, which is great for lightweight riders lacking the weight needed to throw around a hyper-responsive adult board. Bite Free edges prevent riders from unexpectedly catching an edge, only to painfully tumble down the hill.

It’s finished with an extruded base that glides quickly on the snow, but without the constant waxing required of its sintered counterparts.

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Compare salomon fusion prices in Find Shopping Results Salomon Iceglory Ski Pants Salomon Super versatile insulated pant with stretch comfort the Iceglory matches lots of Salomon jackets offers a flattering feminine silhouette and comes in many colors Short and long sizes Salomon Cira Skis w Easytrak 2 Lithium 10 W Bindings Salomon The women s Cira Lithium 10 set offers comfort and control for every part of the resort This ski features a Comfortech insert for vibration dampening before reaching the foot leading to maximum Salomon QST 99 Skis Salomon Get ready to charge with the Salomon QST 99 Laps in back bowl powder climbing a ridge line or flying down your favorite runs in the resort all are possible with the do everything 99mm waist Salomon Response Pants Salomon Versatile active fitting pants for all season skiing with light insulation and weather protection in many colors and two length options to fit every body every outfit AdvancedSkin Dry 10K 10K Solomon Kane Reviews – Metacritic https: Watch it for some terrific limbchopping and a mighty turn by James Purefoy.