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Also feel free to read my fanfic: Any questions feel free to ask them and i’ll be sure to answer them as Preference 17 – He sees you cry Harry: He said looking down. You sat frozen for what seemed like hours, 4 months away from Harry…you were barely coping with 2. Harrys voice pulled you out of your trance as you turned back to your laptop.

Liam Payne fuels rumours of romance with Cheryl Fernandez

You saw Niall throw the magazine down, a look of disgust on his face. You sat down next to him. Eventually you had him pinned down on the couch as he tried to hold the magazine just out of your reach.

One Direction Bsm #1 He yells at you 1\5 2\5 3\5 4\5 5\5 #2 You have a nightmare and he comforts you #3 You get your wisdom teeth pulled and he take care of you #4 You’re upset and want to cuddle #5.

Louis You and Louis had been super flirty with each other lately, and yeah, you had a crush on him. One night, the two of you were sitting in the back of the tour bus, watching a movie, and ended up falling asleep next to each other. But you must have shifted in your sleep at some point, because you woke with your head on his chest and his arm wrapped around you… and your brother staring you down.

He glanced at you for a second before turning back to Niall. Niall tried to keep up his tough guy glare at Louis, but you saw a smile creeping onto his face. You looked into his eyes and saw that he was being honest. I know I can trust you. You just see the sweet guy he lets you see! I know the real him, you see him through rose colored glasses. Which will cause turmoil in the band, which will effect our product, which hurts the fans!

No one was going to tell you who to love, not even your brother.

Harry Styles nailed with Red Bull can at Philly concert

Yeah, I had someone request this…so, yeah! This is basically 2nd person. Of course it was a big deal. You were known in the celebrity world. You were dating Ed Sheeran. I mean it when I say you were, the two of you broke up, you two were just no feeling the love to keep together.

1D fans VS Taylor Swift, – Yet again, when THESE tween idols started ‘dating‘ (absolutely, definitely not a publicity stunt, okay cynicists?) a million teenage girls’ hearts broke blah blah.

HyunA is a really famous kpop solo artist. She was in some girl groups in the past, and is basically a queen. Their sub unit Triple H recently had a comeback and were promoting their single Retro Future when rumors started swirling that HyunA and EDawn were dating. First their company Cube Entertainment denied the news, but the next day HyunA and E’Dawn confirmed they were in fact dating, and had been for two years which means they were dating back when E’Dawn was just a trainee, before Pentagon had even debuted.

HyunA also took to Instagram to explain her thoughts and thank fans for understanding. For the fans who always support me and watch over me, I want to work hard on stage with a happy heart, with nothing to hide, as I always have. Triple H was meant to promote their single on two more music shows, but their appearances were cancelled and Cube put out a statement that their promotions had concluded.

Now today, Cube has announced that E’Dawn will not be present at an upcoming Pentagon fan event due to “internal issues”. This is likely regarding the scandal, and could be interpreted as them wanting to protect him in case fans get angry at the fan event, or as an effort to appease some fans that are calling for E’Dawn to be kicked out of Pentagon all together.

Cobie Smulders Uses Fans to Answer “How I Met Your Mother” Questions

Sam and Freddie are dating in this. Last time we did this me and Freddie weren’t dating. Ever since Freddie kissed me on iCarly the Creddie fans have been largely silent. I don’t know if they stopped watching or if they just accepted it. I brought my butter sock just in case.

Sep 13,  · A contingent of 1D fans thinks so. Two weeks ago I wrote a Huffington Post blog titled ” What If One of the One Direction Boys Were Gay? ” and in it I .

You never hesitated to go on a trip with your sister. Since she had beat cancer for the second time she liked to live in the moment and you wanted to be there for every single one. You packed enough clothes for a week before going to the airport where you were going to meet your sister. You hugged her tightly, careful not to press down on the raised part of her collarbone that had never fully healed.

She seemed so full of life. Somehow your sister had gotten put next to a male that resembled a Calvin Klein model and you were sandwiched between a man that smelled like rotten onions and a small child. You could barely move your arms enough to change songs of flip the pages of your book. The man put his heavy head on your shoulder without asking then flashed you a murderous glare when you pushed him back into his own personal space.

Dating scandals.

All Aboard the S. Neither Harry, Louis, nor their management has stated publicly that there is a romantic relationship between the two. Yet Larry fans want the two to be together so much that LarryStylinson has become a worldwide social-media phenomenon. But should it have been a big, warm, romantic kiss?

Actually, you were dating one of Harry’s best mates, no not a member of One Direction, although I would think he was the sixth member. You were dating Ed Sheeran. I mean it when I say you were, the two of you broke up, you two were just no feeling the love to keep together.

We write one direction preferences, imagines, outfits, and picture preferences so send request. You guys wanted to keep it a secret until you knew it was going somewhere because of all the hate you were sure to recieve. You guys decided to do a twitcam to break the news. You turned it on and right when you two said it, the incoming tweets immediatly were filled with hate.

You were shocked with the hate you were getting. There were only a few tweets about it that consisted of racial slurs but it was enough to hurt your feelings. You had refused to read your twitter mentions, internet articals, magazines, or anything else that could be written about you. You didnt want to read what people were saying and Liam told you it would be best to not even look at it. Whenever you went out in public they were following you with rude questions and camera flashes you tended to ignore.

However, one statement caught your attention.

I want to steal your heart

I hope they read it! Yea I think there great singer and hot and all but the act so funny and random like just like me I just wanna live while I’m young and have some awesome fun with some awesome teenagers. I just hope I can meet them before they get really old then retire and nobody like them anymore: But I also have a question, did you guys seriously put you can try to stalk them and ‘accidentally’ bump into them kinda creepy if you ask me.

The word scandal is always translated from the hangul term of dating, so that’s another reason, but it really is a scandal since everybody starts to comment on it and lots of the fans get crazy about it.

You’d both been really looking forward to your movie date, but now it was here you couldn’t wait for it to be over. A group of fans had noticed Zayn in the lobby and were now sat on the row behind you, talking, laughing and squealing all the way through the film so far. You could tell Zayn was annoyed too by the way his arm was tense around your shoulders.

He turns around and smiles at the fans before whispering, “Hey guys, do you think you could quieten down a bit? It’s a bit difficult for everyone to concentrate on the film,”. This only made matters worse – adding screams to the mix. You and Zayn just look at eachother before getting p and leaving. You squeeze his hand, “No worries. Lets go get something to eat, yeah?

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And instead of concerning herself with dating famous guys, she seemed much more concerned with amassing a list of seriously famous BFFs Lorde, Karlie Kloss, and Lena Dunham among them. Take a look and see just how lucky or unlucky this girl has been in love. The Complete Timeline Calvin Harris: The dating rumors started when the two were seen being affectionate towards each other at Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville.

December — January Although this romance was rather short-lived, Taylor and Harry were the it-couple of that moment. The pair credited their breakup to the intense media attention and scrutiny that their relationship was subject to.

The video, which was obtained by the Daily Mail, shows 1D members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking a joint and joking about drug use while on their Where We Are tour in Lima, Peru.

Niall Horan Would Date a Fan? The heatthrob has been linked to several famous women, from Demi Lovato last year to, most recently, actress Louise Thompson and model Zoe Whelan, but apparently the singer is still single and looking. Thompson reportedly stayed over at Horan’s house after an intimate night out together while Horan was still with Whelan.

Speakin of Whelan, her split with Horan came soon after the two were on the rocks and following Horan’s date night with Thompson. She hasn’t even had a text from him, let alone a call, for nearly two weeks,” a source said to The Mirror. But it seems just doing her job is too much for 1D’s people, who appear to have pressured Niall to cut all ties with Zoe. It’s cruel the way he’s done it, and she’s obviously a bit devastated it’s over.

Still, you can practically hear the giddy screams of fans in response through the screen. The star did admit he struggles to find love while he and One Direction are out on the road during their epic U. Think everyone is tired! Need to rest up and be ready! For 4 staples shows, can’t believe I just said that! Do you think Niall Horan would actually date a fan?

Niall Horan & Hailee Steinfeld ARE Dating!

Fanfic I am just a girl who loves one direction a lot. I’m a Harry girl but ship Narry hard. I do preferences and I would really appreciate it if you guys read them and give me feed back please check it out in the link and you can request preferences to. Imagine for Anne – You get hurt Liam Liam and you had been together for about a year now and it was amazing.

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His mother converted to Islam upon their marriage. He was raised in a working class family [5] and neighbourhood. One Direction One Direction greeting fans in Stockholm , Sweden, May In , year-old Malik auditioned in Manchester for the seventh series of reality-television competition The X Factor , but he actually started entertaining five years before.

It topped the charts in 16 countries. The lead single, ” What Makes You Beautiful “, was an international commercial success, reaching number one in the UK and number four in the US ; it has since been certified four and six times platinum in the US and Australia, respectively. The band’s second studio album, Take Me Home , was released in November Zayn Malik leaves One Direction after five years One Direction’s third studio album, ‘s Midnight Memories , was a commercial success as well.

Its number one debut on Billboard made One Direction the first band in history to have their first three albums all debut atop the Billboard With their fourth album, ‘s Four , they extended the record to four consecutive number-one albums. As of March , the band has sold 6. He denied rumors of any rift between the members, explaining that the band had been supportive of the decision.

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We take preference and imagine requests. Ages Requested Note: Your mum was making dinner and you were coloring on the table. You looked at her with bright, wide eyes, and gasped.

The online dating service announced Thursday it is launching 29 fan pages — one for every U.S. team — under a promotion with MLB that allows the website’s users to connect with singles who are.

On The View, interviewer Michelle Collins was very rude and pushy in a way that made the interview awkward and made viewers cringe and outraged. Even the boys themselves seem annoyed during various parts of the interview. Personally, I was shocked and disgusted to hear her say that. It seemed highly inappropriate and unprofessional. The boys themselves all looked shocked and co-host Raven Simone quickly showed her disapproval by moving as far away as she could.

Niall seemed the only one who was laughing and joking during the interview. The interview only got worse from there with questions being asked about boys preferences in women and making things sexual with only one question being asked about their new single, which the interviewer had clearly not listened to before. Any artist no matter race, gender, orientation, group or solo, deserves to have their personal space respected.

Moving on to the fact that so little was asked about the artists. This should go for all artists. The opportunity for many good quality questions was there but Collins failed to take advantage of it. Hopefully we receive better interviews in the future. Here are how some fans responded to The View interview:

One Direction – have you ever kissed a fan? The Late Late Show