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Nov 21, Chuck, chuck chuck I agree that I think the pacing still needs some tweaking, but I’ve come to the realization that this show shouldn’t be paced like the Powerpuff Girls, ATHF, Robot Chicken God forbid , or a number of other shows. We’re so used to not seeing long form comedies during Adult Swim that I think we’ve forgotten what they are supposed to be about. That being said, The Boondocks continues to interest me because this is a show that consistently get better on the second viewing, not worse. I had to chuckle at the first scene since we’ve all seen people’s out of control kids in public places, and Granddad’s solution was so old school that it was perfect. Crystaal is an interesting girl who goes from being a completely unsympathetic sycophant to someone you hope might actually have enough sense in her head to change her life. Ummmm, well, maybe not. Life often doesn’t work out that way. And yes, she was either mixed or light skinned black. What we black folk call “high yella”.


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The Boondocks – Season 4: The final season opens with R&B sensation Pretty Boy Flizzy arrested for armed robbery and while he’s in the town of Woodcrest, district attorney Tom DuBois agrees to be his lawyer in exchange for advice to help in his marriage to his Caucasian wife, Sarah.

And to the best of my knowledge, we all managed to avoid gettin’ peed on so far! But what about the victim? At what point does personal responsibility become a factor in this equation? I don’t think that’s She saw piss comin’, she stayed. Yes, she did, but– Riley: And why should I have to miss out on the next R. Kelly album JUST fo’ that? Thank God for the white man’s code of law. That’s the only thing that’ll keep these uppity niggas in line.

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Created by Aaron McGruder , [1] based upon his comic strip of the same name , [1] the series premiered on November 6, The show begins with a black family, the Freemans, settling into the fictional, peaceful, and mostly white suburb of Woodcrest. The Boondocks ended on June 23, , with a total of 55 episodes over the course of the show’s four seasons.

The fourth and final season was produced without any involvement from McGruder. Development and production The Boondocks began as a comic strip on Hitlist. Following these runs, McGruder began simultaneously pitching The Boondocks both as a syndicated comic strip and an animated television series. In the meantime, development on a The Boondocks TV series continued. Hudlin left the project after the Fox deal fell through, although McGruder and Sony Television are contractually bound to continue to credit him as an executive producer.

He then ordered a episode season and told McGruder to “just tell stories”. The series has a loose connection with the continuity of the comic strip, though during the final year of the strip McGruder made a point to try to synchronize both. He introduced Uncle Ruckus into the strip, and the comic-strip version of Riley’s hair was braided into cornrows to match the character’s design in the series.

During Season 1, McGruder put the strip on a 6-month hiatus beginning in March

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The show follows the adventures of two black boys, Riley and Huey Freeman, who experience a culture clash when they move from southside Chicago to the “boondocks” to live with their grandfather. Meanwhile, Riley and the owner’s grandson a soldier back from Iraq play with guns and Granddad runs into the self-loathing black butler Uncle Rukus. Meanwhile, Granddad and Uncle Ruckus argue about white people during a game of checkers.

Of course, Grandad doesn’t believe them, even when she spends all his money. But when A Pimp Named Slickback shows up, the truth is revealed. Both are really, really old. Let “The Slugfest In Woodcrest” commence! Huey has to find the real killer before Tom is shipped off to “real” prison where he will most assuredly become “someone’s girlfriend. When Riley goes to visit the rapper, he finds more than he anticipated But is he real?

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Chop, chop, chop, judo flip! Asheru, ” Judo Flip ” The Boondocks is an animated TV series that aired intermittently on [adult swim] from to , running for a total of 4 seasons with 55 episodes. It was adapted from the comic strip of the same name that was created by Aaron McGruder.

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April 21, June 23, Both the comic strip and the cartoon were influenced by McGruder’s love of anime and manga. The opening sequence of Season 1 contains similarities to that of Samurai Champloo. Some of the humor is based on the characters’ anime-style movements. The episode ” Pause ” presents a thinly veiled parody of Tyler Perry , presented as using his religion to hide his cross-dressing.

The episode reportedly angered Perry, with the network responding to his complaints by saying that they should have warned him before the episode aired. The reason cited for the split between the creator and the company was a disagreement over the production schedule of the fourth season. When asked about the show and the approaches taken that make it so controversial, series creator Aaron McGruder stated, “

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Genuinely terrible crimes are shrugged off Kick the Dog: An action that helps characterize a morally neutral or ambiguous character as bad. A crime committed really is horrific and unforgivable. Also leads to Fridge Logic ; do the cows want to be eaten? Various gamers having epic level temper tantrums over a bad game they purchased, complete with screaming, destruction of personal property, and chucking televisions off their roofs.

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It originally aired on October 29, Watch this episode [1] Episode The episode opens with Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, the old man whom Robert Freeman killed in Granddad’s Fight , enjoying himself in an Asian-styled hell. Impressed, the Devil declares him “the baddest motherfucker hell had ever seen”, having “called the devil himself a ‘bitch ass nigga. He is also thus given the opportunity to seek revenge against the Freeman family.

Stinkmeaner, declaring that “hell ain’t shit, I’m gonna get you, Freeman! Meanwhile, Riley is teaching his granddad about internet dating via Myspace. Having adorned his page with multiple ridiculous lies he claims he loves skydiving, is Brazilian, and was a member of G Unit and pictures of himself in outfits ranging from replicas of suits worn in Michael Jackson music videos to thongs. In the court parking lot, Tom Dubois is parking his car when he is cut off, thus instigating a “nigga moment” which is unusual for Tom, given he is “as far away from a nigga as a black man could be”.

As he exits his vehicle and attempts to confront the man that stole his parking spot, the man responds with a slew of redundant insults and threatens to assault Tom with his Uzi. As he walks away, Tom is possessed by Stinkmeaner and yells at the man saying “what did you say, nigga”. The man turns around and insults him again, resulting in Tom physically dropkicking him in the chest, and continues to verbally insult him before Tom regains control and attempts to help the man who is utterly traumatized.

In court, an attorney is interviewing an old Chinese American woman named Mrs.

The Boondocks (Western Animation)

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The Boondocks is an American adult animated sitcom on Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block, Adult d by Aaron McGruder, based upon his comic strip of the same name, the series premiered on November 6, The show begins with a black family, the Freemans, settling into the fictional, friendly and overall white suburb of Woodcrest. The perspective offered by this mixture.

Ruckus and how he treats other black people. The characters don’t age despite the fact the series takes place in the “present day”. Huey should now have been far older than ten when Obama was elected, for example. In “The Trial of R. Kelly”, a jury full of R. Kelly fans are easily convinced that the trial was all about racism against the defendant. Never mind that there’s a lot of damning evidence against R. In the same episode, Uncle Ruckus claims to have served on a mostly white jury in the s, where he convicted a blind black man of shooting white women.

Milton Berle was sentenced to death for the murder of a cop, even though the real killer, Eli Gorbinsky, shouted to everyone that he did it, and left all the evidence at the scene.

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