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All the photographs are now safely filed in the ‘Carole Hughes Collection’ and we’ll be bringing them to you from time to time during the rest of Many thanks to Diane and to Carole for letting us show you these photographs. We’re starting with this one because, just by coincidence, I was looking the other day at an old MHS Newsletter from September which was when the building shown here was finally demolished. It started life as one of many Co-op shops in Middlewich and I have dim recollections of it as a dress shop or, in Co-op parlance, a drapery department. It had a glass display case in its entrance hallway, making it look very sophisticated and cosmopolitan. You could imagine the very best people buying their clothes there.

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Steam aupreme at King’s Cross the very last word. How to get from King’s Cross to St. Pancras by a lost diesel multiple unit. There was a significant omission in my letter in the November issue!

On Aug. 5, , the inaugural flight of the Wuhan-Chicago-Incheon-Wuhan round-trip flight, arranged by China-based Apex.

Here ‘Modified Hall’ No Haroldstone Hall brings an eastbound train into Castle Cary station in the early 50’s; this 8-car semi-fast is possibly the 1. Just visible beyond the station is the divergence of the line to Yeovil and Weymouth which curves left whilst the cut-off line to Cogload and Taunton continues straight ahead beneath the A road bridge. Photo Joe Moss collection, distributed by Roger Carpenter. Several buildings and business premises were badly damaged but the railway was up and running again by 11pm that same evening.

During a six week period, four separate bombing raids were carried out on Templecombe, Somerton and Chard Junction; the signal box at Castle Cary was totally destroyed and a temporary box was hastily assembled at the GWR’s signal works at Reading and installed at the junction two days later; this was later replaced by a brick-built box on 27 October, by which time repairs to the track had been completed and the GWR’s train services fully restored.

During World War 2 Castle Cary was considered by the military to be a strategic railway junction serving the large naval base at Weymouth, however fast-forward to the present day, and Castle Cary station has come under siege in a quite different way.

David Heys steam diesel photo collection

Your Productivity Gains are our Business Copyright Mackay Radovic S. Currently working in Luxembourg in private practice in English There are times when counselling can really help. Marital discord can place stress on the whole counselling. We are some friends who find us together to work on our hobby the American Model Rail Road to amrl.

STATUS: publish ALLOW COMMENTS: 1 CONVERT BREAKS: 0 PRIMARY CATEGORY: DATE: 11/13/ PM BODY: And you thought Piaggio was silly: The LCGB news page features drawings of a Lambretta electric pushscooter.

Wage flexibilisation and the minimum wage Industrial relations and the transition to a low-carbon economy European social dialogue developments — Review of European legislation — It is the sixth such report by the European Commission and builds on the edition. As the period under review coincided with the onset and spread of the worst economic crisis in recent history, this report looks closely at the way industrial relations systems across the European Union coped with the crisis, affected its course and influenced outcomes.

The report illustrates that the economic crisis presented industrial relations actors and institutions across the European Union with unprecedented challenges. On the whole, industrial relations in Europe have been shown to be robust under strain and have been vital in mitigating the effects of the recession, although not to the same extent in all countries. Together with monetary and fiscal stimulus policies, negotiation and consultation involving the social partners have played a significant role in limiting negative social consequences.

However, the importance of this has varied considerably across the Member States. The recession produced its most severe initial impact in countries that were most vulnerable to the financial origins of the crisis, leading to early tensions between social partners there. As the crisis spread and affected more Member States in and early , a consensus developed between social partners in many countries on the need for rapid action to preserve employment and to stimulate the economy.

This went hand in hand with a better coordinated response to the crisis at European level. Social dialogue led to innovative responses in many Member States and sectors, such as the introduction or extension of short-time working schemes.


Continuous changes in the banking sectors of the european countries studies 2. Social partners tackling restructuring: Methodology and data collection 2. Factors driving restructuring, processes and trends 5.

swire square flagship store opening activities, we feel Hong Kong this city has incredible vitality and life attitude. As a member of the Burberry this big family, I feel .

It began in when the British Transport Commission BTC announced the Modernisation Programme which outlined the BTC’s plan to replace old-fashioned steam power with modern diesel and electric traction. How many remember the book’s heady aroma of freshly printed ink? Ian Allan should’ve bottled it; they’d have made a fortune! Worse still, when it came to underlining the new diesels I had ‘copped’ on visits to Swindon, Derby and Crewe Works, they didn’t enter the equation because Ian Allan had published the new combined edition before the diesels were built.

Call it a dereliction of duty, if you like, but the discrepancies creeping into the hobby were totally at odds with the orderliness that spotters expected, and I ended up joining the legion of disenchanted youngsters who turned their attention to something more rewarding like railway photography – a natural adjunct to train spotting.

So, combining both interests from old spotting days, the purpose of this page is to list as many different steam locomotive classes numbered from to which were listed in Ian Allan’s abc Locospotters Book covering the London Midland Region in After nationalisation in , the newly-formed British Railways tried out a number of liveries with a view to adopting a future standard for its express-passenger engines of Class 8 power classification dark blue and for its fleet of express-passenger locomotives with a lower tractive effort light green.

A total of 70 were built for use primarily on local passenger services, four on the Western Region, the rest on the London Midland Region. Above The class was most easily identifiable from other Ts by their parallel boiler and smokebox curving down to meet the frames, which can be seen in this ER Morten shot of No entering Shrewsbury station with a local passenger train.

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1. Restore scooter £ (DONE) 2. Join the Vintage motor scooter club. – £10 Lambretta Club of Great Briton (DONE) 3. Apply for dating certificate from LCGB, send photos of Chassis and frame number. – .

Background[ edit ] The contest was billed as the 21st Century Race to the North, [1] [2] as a multi-modal version of past railway races from London to Scotland. The term Race to the North had emerged in the s with the various railway companies on the east coast and west coast main lines competing for passengers. The Peppercorn A1 class was never used on the original Elizabethan due to the lack of a corridor-type tender for crew changes on the move.

The race was specifically given a theme, [2] with the BBC postulating that the race might represent what Top Gear would have been like in Although Tornado is a brand new locomotive completed in , her design was based on the original s designs used for the LNER Peppercorn Class A1 locomotives, with appropriate modern day changes for engineering, safety, operational and manufacturing cost reasons.

The idea and much of the organisation of the race is credited to Graeme Bunker, managing director of railtour operator Steam Dreams and operations director of the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust , the builders of Tornado. The Top Gear producer’s initial choice of locomotive was No. The LCGB ran this special train on 1 May , returning on 4 May , to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first time this journey was made non-stop.

On both occasions, the train was hauled by the famous locomotive, No.

Heritage Railway

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NorthernJordan wrote:I would imagine you would need a dating certificate that shows what it is and when it was made. I think there is a few places that do vespa certificates. Vespa Club of Britain, Veteran Vespa Club and as daft as it sounds the Lambretta Archive.

I do not want to put his address here, but if you would like to be added to his list, then please email me at the address at the bottom of this page and I will forward your email to him added 15th July Several links to folders in this site have been added to this page 24th May Albania Index It always seemed likely that derelict steam locomotives survive in the country, see http: I am pleased to say we now have confirmation at first hand coming from James Waite 21st June Yerevan has only four local trains per day plus a train to Tbilisi every other day.

There was one L class on Yerevan depot that had been partially restored but work stopped when the restorer died. The steam reserve at Masis was mostly cut up. The steam reserve at Gyumri has gone except for several locos steam and diesel trapped in the old depot that had been destroyed during the earthquake. You can find this preserved locomotive on Gyumri station. Interestingly there were 2 pioneer railways in Armenia, the relatively well known example in Yerevan and a second one in Gyumri, aka Leninakan.

The Leninakan pioneer railway was closed following the catastrophic earthquake, which destroyed large parts of the city and killed an estimated 45, people.

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One of the major challenges in building the seventh Gresley P2, No. Director of engineering David Elliott details the research and design route which has led to the P2 Steam Locomotive Company deciding to evolve an improved form of Lentz apparatus. The built icon is currently on display inside the National Railway Museum in York. There are no plans to return it to steam, but owner the NRM has agreed to a sister locomotive taking its identity.

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