Is “Glee” going there with Quinn and Santana

Emma calls Will in a panic and he convinces Finn to step up and be the team leader he was meant to be. Finn returns to the group with new music and pulls them together. With the song Finn brought, an old one they have performed before, and Rachel pulling a ballad she already knows from her repertoire, they have a new set list and a crowd pleasing performance. The director of the Jane Addams School for Girls has a change of heart and goes to confess to the judges that Sue leaked the New Directions set list to her and the other school director before the competition, but it is too late. The judges have already made their decision and declare New Directions the winners. Back at the school, Sue gets suspended for her actions and the kids show Will their trophy, telling him how much he means to them. Will begins to think of Emma and chases her down before she can leave. He then kisses her and the two smile at each other.


The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Ryan Murphy or Fox. The cheerleading squad, the Cheerios, are practicing routines. One of the cheerleaders falls from the top of the formation.

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Public sentiment turned against Sheriff Keith Mars Enrico Colantoni , who was ousted from office and abandoned by his wife. Cue the title character. Despite having lost so much, Veronica is resilient enough to move on with her life, and as her father struggles to stay afloat as a private eye, Veronica puts her smarts and determination to work to help ease the caseload at Mars Investigations.

She also puts her talents to use to help her classmates with their troubles — for a price, of course. What convinced Lianne Mars to abandon her family, and where is she now? Who was it who drugged and raped Veronica last December? Also, is her father right — did someone other than disgruntled Kane Software employee Abel Koontz murder Lilly?

Characterization is another strength of the series, and part of the reason Veronica Mars works as well as it does is that the audience truly does care about the characters. Her investigations frequently take morally questionable turns. Not every episode has a happy ending. Along with the cases that are solved in the space of forty minutes and change every week, a couple of mysteries are introduced in the pilot that are gradually explored throughout the entire length of the season.

Veronica Mars has a capable cast to match the quality of the writing. Veronica Mars manages to resist, resulting in one of the few platonic friendships like this left on television.

Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez

Mash-Up Puck shirtless Puck briefly drops his fixation on Quinn and the baby, and instead he starts to focus on Rachel. After watching Schindler’s List with his mother and sister, Puck’s mom guilts him with the question of why he can’t find a nice Jewish girl. That night, he has a dream of Rachel coming into his window.

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Share They haven’t married because they aren’t even in a relationship. I’m going to guess somewhere around , after Rachel is huge success on Broadway and Quinn has settled on what sort of career she’s going to have. They’ll be years old, they’ll have been dating solidly for years, probably be living together for at least a couple of those years in New York, of course.

They’ll have a pet of some kind, Quinn seems like a cat person but Rachel seems like a dog person so maybe they’ll have both. Quinn’s planning on making it big in LA as an actress which she will acheive, eventually writing best selling novels about her life story , and Rachel dreams of becoming a huge Broadway star which she will also acheive, though not as big as she had anticipated. She’ll live a nice life, playing both Evita and Funny Girl. Eventually, once she gets too old for Broadway, she’ll settle down as an event planner.

They each marry men they truely fell in love with Finn, Puck, Jesse, Sam, some new guy, take you pick and were bridesmaids at the other’s wedding, but eventually had a falling out. Because if you haven’t ever dated someone of the same gender by the time you leave high school you never will? How incredibly naive of you.

A girl, or girls, choose to keep their sapphic love for one another under wraps until they can escape the homophobic hellhole they live in as children means that they never have any inclinations towards other girls? In point of fact, neither girl has identified as strictly heterosexual. Both of them wanting to be actresses and both of them attending schools in the Northeast means that they have completely different goals?

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Finn risks alienation by the football team after joining the Glee Club at the beginning of the series. In Season One , Finn dates popular head cheerleader Quinn Fabray , until he discovers that she slept with his best friend, Noah Puckerman , and lied about Finn being the father of her child. He also graduates from McKinley High in Goodbye.

Due to the death of his portrayer, he died during the fifth season , and The Quarterback was a tribute for him. Contents Biography Early life Finn’s father, who was a United States Marine, was originally believed to have died while serving in Iraq when Finn was very young, so he was raised by his mother, Carole. Finn discovered his love of singing during a chance encounter with a lawn specialist dating his mom, and for the first time he knew, he was special and good at something.

Quinn Fabray &nbsp ♥Quinn Fabray♥ Last year, I joined Glee Club with my friends Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez. We were head Cheerios, our school Cheerleading Squad. Finn Hudson. I had the life that most girls pray for. I was Captin of the Cheerios, I was dating the Quarterback of the Football team, Finn Hudson, and was president.

Share Rachel and Finn Rachel is Finn’s friend, but he worries about being seen with her because he fears it will hurt his reputation. Finn’s first real interaction with Rachel was in Glee Club rehearsals when he was blackmailed to join Glee club by Mr. Schue, after the drugs Will got from Sandy were “found” in Finn’s locker. Although at first he is scared by her aggressive nature, Finn finds himself immensely attracted to her.

Finn is also impressed by the way she defended herself in the Celibacy Club. After they practice singing together in the auditorium, the two share a brief kiss, proving their mutual attraction. The kiss ends when Finn has a premature ejaculation. He tells her not to tell anyone that it happened and to forget about it.

Embarrassed, Finn returns to his girlfriend, Quinn. Later, she convinces Finn that the kiss in the auditorium was real, and says “You don’t have the guts to admit it. In The Rhodes Not Taken, Finn takes advantage of Rachel’s feelings for him, and goes on a date with her to try and convince her to come back to the Glee Club. She does and then finds out that Quinn is pregnant. She slaps Finn and tells him that he has ruined any chance of her coming back to Glee.

Naya Rivera

Early life[ edit ] Rivera was born and raised in the Valencia neighborhood of Santa Clarita, California , and has lived in or around Los Angeles for most of her life. Career beginnings[ edit ] Rivera appeared in commercials for Kmart as a baby, but her first significant acting job was at age 4 when she appeared as Hillary Winston in The Royal Family sitcom in She was hired for a single episode guest appearance on The Bernie Mac Show in , but she was brought back to work on a further ten episodes throughout all five seasons.

Swinton’s play, U Don’t Know Me:

Born Dianna Elise Agron on 30th April, in Savannah, Georgia, USA, she is famous for Quinn Fabray on Glee. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Dianna Agron has been in 9 on-screen matchups, including Cory Monteith in Glee (), Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four (), Chace Crawford in Glee (), Chord Overstreet in Glee () and Naya Rivera in Glee ().Weight: 58 kg.

Just look at Sue Sylvester. And now for the play-by-play Jacob Ben Israel is making another documentary, this time about what everyone’s plans are for after graduation. He promptly gets slushied. Back in the rehearsal room, Mr. Schue has a surprise: Schue gives us the first terrible metaphor of the episode. But the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts does -— Emma tells the kids that they can go to a mixer with other little stars who want to get in. Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester continues to try to destroy the Glee club.

She hops on TV to broadcast her plan. It ends in a food fight —- Brittany pirouettes in the meatballs, Kurt slides screaming under a table using a tray for protection.

Quinn Fabray

In Glee does Finn love Rachel or Quinn? However when Finn heard that Jesse was back in town in the recent Episode “Prom Queen” he began to act “protective” to Rachel as he had been there the year before when he had hurt her. Finn “broke” the two apart and began fighting with Jesse – and later that same night Quinn slapped Rachel across the face in the bathroom – the two of them continued talking in the bathroom as Quinn and Rachel had both had a very dramatic night.

Quinn knows its pucks child because they have sex one drunk night, because apparently she felt fat and got drunk.

The Glee hiatus keeps rolling on, which means we’re back with another countdown!. This week we’re looking at Rachel and Quinn’s Seven Best More Than Friends Moments. As I’ve said about ten million times now, I’m a big fan of people crafting their own narratives inside of fictional worlds.

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When did Quinn and Rachel get married

Share this article Share So far the hit Fox musical comedy has written around Monteith’s popular Finn Hudson character, but will deal with his death head-on in an episode titled The Quarterback. The hit Fox musical comedy is airing an episode in honour of the late actor on Thursday Onscreen couple: Agron played cheerleader Quinn Fabray for four seasons on Glee Monteith was found dead at age 31 in a Canadian hotel room after succumbing to a fatal combination of alcohol and heroin.

The talented singer and actor had battled substance abuse problems before and had gone to rehab to address his addiction.

Season 1: Finn and Quinn were dating for about half of the first season, but Finn broke things off when he found out that she was lying about him being the father of her baby.

She comes from a conservative Christian family, [3] and is president of the celibacy club. Sue then enlists the three of them to help her destroy the glee club from the inside. Quinn claims that due to his premature ejaculation problem, and during their time in a hot-tub, Finn had ejaculated in the tub and Quinn had received the sperm. The real father is Finn’s best friend Puck Mark Salling , who offers to support Quinn and the baby, but is rejected for his irresponsibility.

Puck again offers to support her, but she turns him down and tells him that she wants to handle the pregnancy by herself. Quinn cheats on Sam with Finn, [19] and Sam dumps Quinn after she lies to him about her time with Finn. She and Finn reunite, and Quinn starts campaigning for junior prom king and queen elections. She was overweight and unpopular, and after slimming down and having rhinoplasty , reinvented herself as Quinn, using her middle name.

Quinn is not named prom queen, and blames Rachel for her loss. She slaps her, but immediately regrets it and apologizes. Finn later breaks up with Quinn when he realizes he has a deeper connection with Rachel.

Who is Quinn dating on glee

She comes from a conservative Christian family, [2] and is president of the celibacy club. Sue then enlists the three of them to help her destroy the glee club from the inside. Quinn claims that due to his premature ejaculation problem, and during their time in a hot-tub, Finn had ejaculated in the tub and Quinn had received the sperm.

The real father is Finn’s best friend Puck Mark Salling , who offers to support Quinn and the baby, but is rejected for his irresponsibility. Puck again offers to support her, but she turns him down and tells him that she wants to handle the pregnancy by herself.

No, the actress that plays Quinn and the actor that plays Finn are not dating in real life.

Checking in with Quinn Fabray: So, I usually only speak of these relationships as a starting point and never really address them in terms of the current situations. In a perfect world, these relationships would be the most interesting, because Quinn has changed. Does she hate her Dad for verbally disowning her and kicking her out? Does she hate her Mom for being so spineless? Is she proud of her Mom for kicking her father out? Not to mention, the pair were hardly ever on equal footing – Quinn bossed Finn around, took advantage of his naivete, and in general was not terribly kind to him.

These are not the hallmarks of a healthy relationship.

Glee Finn is ‘Off his game’ and Puck tells Quinn he doesn’t dig ‘fat chicks’ 1×14